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Thread: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    seriously, it's like a broken record with this team this year. how many games are we going to lose in the last few minutes? Look, I get the injuries and I get the fact many of our best players are not on the field - but our losses are not coming from being outplayed, they are coming from silly mental mistakes that occur at critical moments. AB loves to dance after a first down, yet he's surprisingly subdued after a ridiculous fumble on a punt return that will ice the game. He misplays a punt and conveniently runs out of bounds when we're trying to kill the clock. just stupid stuff. he's not the only one of course but those were 3 4th quarter glaring mental errors that impacted the game. and please don't get me started on our defensive captain. zero tackles, zero sacks, zero impact plays and was dogpiled into the middle so dallas could tie the game at 24. sorry brett, no one fears the beard but if it wasn't for that - no one would know who you are.

    still, the north is one crazy division. our playoffs start next week. i think however cincy can smell the chance to eliminate us and get a little revenge for years of being our bitch. 7-7 and we still control our destiny. that's just crazy but anything can happen.

    this team HAS playmakers. we HAVE experience and we CAN make a run. they just have to decide to start playing smart, sound fundamental football.


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    This team's biggest problem is lack of leadership from their veteran sacred cows. Players like Ben, Brett, Woodley, Wallace, and Mendenhall have failed to lead this team on and off the field this season as players who exited last season led their fellow teammates. Each has their own reasons but the fact that Farrior, Ward, Smith, and Moore are not there to be leaders has led to lack of preparation and lack of focus. That's where the mental errors in critical situations breed from. It's sad to see but it is what it is. This team is doomed to it's fate because it was time for this team to move on from the past and the present didn't step up where needed. Heck, our team MVP from last season has alone cost us two games all by himself (Oakland and Dallas) from lack of focus and silly mistakes in crucial situations. The injuries would have been able to be dealt with if this team had leadership in the right spots. I blame Tomlin for this situation as well as it seems he has lost this team just like in 2009. That is not a good thing moving forward.

    Can this team still make the playoffs and make a run? Sure it can but it won't because it is not in it's mental makeup. This team has the talent but doesn't have the spark needed. I hate to say it but it is probably going to get worse before it gets better. This team is going to need a retooling even bigger than what we saw last offseason. I would expect to see players like Harrison, Clark, Wallace, Mendenhall and maybe Troy exit this offseason as the team will need to continue to maneuver the cap and also bring in new youth. Players such as Keenan Lewis and Heath Miller must be signed this offseason and to accomplish that salaries will need to be dropped and more veterans will need to be flushed. As will a set of coaches that have probably outstayed their welcome to some extent.

    2013 may not be very much fun either. No matter, I will still watch and waive my towel every week. It is a necessary evil that will help this team move into the future.
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    IMO the real problem with the Steelers is the "who is gonna blow it this game" attitude. It's been so long since this team destroyed an opponent or put on a clinic. One step forward.... 3 steps back.

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    I don't understand the fumbles. Brown's fumble was due to him not covering the point of the ball. He was not subjected to big hit or a deliberate chop like Harrison delivered on his forced fumble. This is just sloppy ball security on a basic issue that anyone should have mastered at the pop warner level. I'm not a Tomlin hater and am reluctant to blame coaches for player mistakes, but trends are trends and poor ball security is a trend on this team and has been for some time. I do not have faith it will be addressed.


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