seriously, it's like a broken record with this team this year. how many games are we going to lose in the last few minutes? Look, I get the injuries and I get the fact many of our best players are not on the field - but our losses are not coming from being outplayed, they are coming from silly mental mistakes that occur at critical moments. AB loves to dance after a first down, yet he's surprisingly subdued after a ridiculous fumble on a punt return that will ice the game. He misplays a punt and conveniently runs out of bounds when we're trying to kill the clock. just stupid stuff. he's not the only one of course but those were 3 4th quarter glaring mental errors that impacted the game. and please don't get me started on our defensive captain. zero tackles, zero sacks, zero impact plays and was dogpiled into the middle so dallas could tie the game at 24. sorry brett, no one fears the beard but if it wasn't for that - no one would know who you are.

still, the north is one crazy division. our playoffs start next week. i think however cincy can smell the chance to eliminate us and get a little revenge for years of being our bitch. 7-7 and we still control our destiny. that's just crazy but anything can happen.

this team HAS playmakers. we HAVE experience and we CAN make a run. they just have to decide to start playing smart, sound fundamental football.