why not throw a couple bombs at the end of regulation and hope for a PI call to put us in FG range to win it in regulation?
seeing that PI are handed out like candy on halloween in the [URL="http://www.planetsteelers.com/forums/#"]nfl[/URL] these days, it was a gamble with little to no risk.

dallas had already burned all of their timeouts and had conceeded regulation by not attempting a 61 yd fg or going for it. they opted to punt and pin us deep and hope their defense could hold us.
even if dallas would have picked off opne of those bombs, they would have taken a knee to get to overtime.

tomlin couldnt count on his defense in overtime seeing that #35 (and everyone else)was absolutely getting abused. what was he [URL="http://www.planetsteelers.com/forums/#"]banking[/URL] on, that we win the coin toss?

this jackass cant think his way out of a wet paper bag