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Good observation...after seeing the 60 yard bomb to Wallace, I figured that we were out of the woods with regard to Ben's shoulder issue. However, you are correct about throwing to his right. He bounce-passed a screen toward Wallace on the right side earlier, and then was woefully short on another simple screen to the right (may have been Will Johnson that other time, but I'm not 100% sure). Then in overtime, it should have been a straightforward completion to Wallace, but it was behind him and had very little oomph on it. I wonder if there is some lingering range of motion issue with throwing to his right and compared to throwing straight ahead and to his left. Granted, the TD to Miller was to the right, but it wasn't a bang-bang snap-throw play...he was able to scramble around prior to that throw, so the same issues with regard to how his feet are planted are not in play there as compared to WR screens and quick outs to the right.
It looked Ben had Peyton's arm strength on that throw.