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Thread: I am getting sick of these Wr's

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    Is it too earlier to start referring to our trio of "Young Money" receivers as "Old Bankrupt?"

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    The Young and dumb...
    thinking too much about Money

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    VW Bugatti
    VW also owns Beetle
    Why not Beetle Boys?

    Beetles Are Little,
    Slow, Unreliable, and
    Made For Girls. That's us.
    Punch Buggy Black made
    Manny fumble. Padiddle
    Punch made Brown fumble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    More and more, I'm thinking you can't fix what's wrong with them. Get rid of them.

    Again, I know tomorrow I'll think I was overreacting...good thing I'm not in charge of the team, or they'd be cut tonight.
    No, this isn't a figment of our imagination. These guys have crap mental attitudes. And I don't think you ever fix them. We should have known we were in trouble when they started their "Young Money" routines. Just watch their body language. It's horrible. And then when they do F up, they reveal even more how they don't understand maturity. I remember when some of you said I was overreacting to Sanders throwing a tantrum on the bench. I was right. These guys are the polar opposite of Hines Ward. Too bad some players can't play forever. We miss him. And he had no where near the talent of these guys, but his attitude made up for all. Maybe when we get the biggest loser (Wallace) out of there and replace him with an adult, the over all tude will change. Something has to be done. And good thing Art 2 will be there to make it happen, because I don't know if Tomlin gets it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    Possessing the ball
    Hands are a wonderful thing
    Mediocre record
    Need to lose a syllable in the last line.
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    This is where Ward's absence is felt most. His influence on the receiving corp.

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    I would go so far to say the entire team misses wards influence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Spaghetti View Post
    I would go so far to say the entire team misses wards influence.
    That and Farrior. You'd like to think you move on and others step up, but it doesn't always work out that way. Ward was the ultimate pro. His attitude, which was help forged by his mother, was to always try harder than everyone else - not to focus on $ and play with a sloppy effort. I miss him. It is easy to be head coach when you have so many players who offer leadership. Once you start missing that, it gets much harder to be head coach, which I believe Tomlin is currently finding out.

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    Granted, my memory sucks, but I dont remember AB making these errors last season. The biggest thing is that he continues to do the same things over and over now. And Sanders is good for a fumble a game himself. We went from having one of the best WR corps in the league to....what?

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    How bout we hire Bryan Cox as a WR coach so he can fight these guys on the sideline?


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