If you do not believe that the Ravens losing their last 3 games and TS[the Steelers] winning their last three games and the division is realistic, then todays Ravens - Broncos game could be very important and helpful to TS.

Ravens are 9-4. Denver 10-3. Ravens win today both 10-4 with Bal owning the tie breaker and the #3 seed.

Then even if the Ravens lose next week to the Giants they would still be the #3 seed if Denver loses one of their final two games vs Cleveland and KC.

Now the Ravens - Cinci week 17 game is at 1:00pm and the Denver game is at 4:30. Almost certainly the #3 seed will be riding on this game making it a must win for the Ravens. Why would they even think of playing in Denver if that came about?

Now there is a scenario where Baltimore beating Cinci in the final game puts TS in the 6th seed. If TS beat Dallas and lose to Cinci but beat Cleveland in week 17. Cinci must still beat Baltimore in week 17 to get the 6th seed. TS will have the better division record. 3-3 to Cincis 2-4.

This also would put TS in Bal for the 1st game and who knows maybe Indy knocks off the Broncos. Does anyone really want to go to that crumby place.[Denver]?

Of course, if TS win their last 2 games Cinci is dead.

I just took a quick look at this a while ago but really do think it is in TS interests for Bal to beat Denver today. This would not be a surprise. They have practically owned Denver this entire past decade and blasted them frequently.