Okay! That stuff from the Dallas News was too long to post so I trimmed it down and it posted.

This season I have visited opponents sites 4 times before. TS have played well in all those games and won them. Cinci, Washington, Philadelphia and the 2nd game at Baltimore.

Cinci seemed disinterested. Washington saw only RGIII, Philly was mixed and Baltimore feigned[faked[ concern.

Surprisingly, several writers there do not expect the Cowboys to win. [Maybe they don't know Ike Taylor and maybe C. Allen are out?] maybe they do though and realize the Cowboys do have weaknesses too.

Rob Ryan is a very highly regarded DC, but TS have had quite a bit of success with his D's in the past.

On Thursday, I was beginning to wonder if they even knew who they were playing this week, or cared. Everything was Dez Bryant over and over. But yesterday and today many many articles in depth on the game.