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Thread: Why Does Steelers Offense Stink?

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    I think the Rooney's make sure that the 'emblem' is the star, not any one player, and that is why they have never fully handed the offense over to Ben like most teams do with a true franchise QB. They really didn't have a true 'brand' until the 70's and once the right players were finally drafted in the 70's and won championships and the city went crazy for those teams and their style of play, that was the brand they chose.

    That emblem stands for old school smash mouth football that is led by a vicious defense and a bash your face in running game. They even keep the old sandlot feel by keeping the natural grass mud hole that freezes into the look of an old cow pasture come January. They don't want some high fallutin' finesse offense that throws the ball 45 times a game. They want a run first offense where their offensive line punches the other team in the mouth and they impose their will on the opposition.

    Problem is, they don't have players that fit that mold. They have a franchise QB, 3 fast, small WR's whose games are based off of their speed and shiftiness. They have some crappy oft injured linemen that rarely impose their will on anyone. They have two 'ok' power backs but don't have that extra oomph that Franco or Bettis had to plow dudes over or make their own holes. They have one RB that has talent but isn't built as a strictly between the tackles RB like they want in Mendy so he is oft injured and doesn't have the mental approach to be a power back. they drafted Rainey which is a wasted pick considering they have no running plays off tackle. They don't have that Dan Kreider FB anymore that will fly through a hole with wreck less abandon and smash LB's. the only truly hardcore throwback players they do have on offense are Ben and Heath.

    The old school style they want doesn't fit the talent on the team, or today's NFL. Let's face it, we won the recent Superbowls off the backs of our defense and those hardcore throwback types like Smith, Casey, Troy, Harrison, Farrier, are past their prime or already retired. We now have their ghosts on the field surrounded by too few impact players or players that have talent but are oft injured.

    Just my take. Some may not agree.
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