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If hundreds of thousands of dollars aren't motivating them do you really think 40 and 50 year old men raising their voices is going to do the trick. These players have been yelled at their entire lives. They know how to tune out when getting yelled at. All you had to do was watch Cowher's antics and the expression on the player's faces. They just checked out, let him rant and moved on.

I went to a military school and it took about 2-3 weeks to figure out how to shutdown when you had multiple people screaming at you 6" from your face. That doesn't motivate and it doesn't work. In addition, I taught leadership in the Army for several years and the least effective manner of motivating experienced individuals was aggressive behavior. If anything i had the opposite effect than that intended. As I said yesterday, this isn't Pee Wee football and these players are 10 years old.
Please show me where I said Tomlin needed to Cowher these guys up...

There are plenty of ways of motivating players...


Maybe the Steelers need to go out into the city and spend more time with the fans and get a glimpse of how good they have it? Maybe Tomlin needs to bring in a few people to teach leadership or re-energize the team.

Yelling is a part of football but it isn't the only way to get a person motivated. Playing football is a job... and like most jobs it's easy to get in a rut or mail it in. Tomlin is the CEO/Manager of our team... he needs to lead and motivate... and maybe he needs to be motivated by his boss as well. I'm not talking hot seat or rumors of being fired. I'm talking about being challenged to get his guys moving in the right direction. It could be a call form Dungy... I have no idea but you can't trot out there and do the same thing as last week and expect a different result.