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Everyone's motivated by different stuff (money, fear, pride, greed, relationships. etc). A boss or a coach's job is to lay out a plan or vision for the company/team to accomplish. Then they've got to find people who can help them accomplish the plan. And they work to create an environment/culture/system where each of the employees/players can be most successful.

A manager or coach's job isn't to motivate. It's to lead. To strive for and reach a common shared goal. To work for the people who they manage to remove obstacles and help them be successful. The only motivation that works is the kind that comes from inside. Work hard to develop individual strengths and help them maximize their success in their own way and help them see how that contributes or ties into the broader goals. Success breeds success. And the motivation will happen on its own generally.

In any great organization, the leader isn't a boss. He's a servant with a vision.
I guess we need no leaders in the human race anymore. Everyone will automatically do all the preparation and work that's needed without anyone managing them. That's what you guys think. What does leadership include? Motivation. Good leadership does motivate, so saying you just need leadership and not motivation is really not possible. One comes with the other.