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Completely untrue. Over 90% of all humans need managed to get them to maximum production. If not, why do managers and coaches even exist. Have you ever managed a staff? What would happen if you quit managing them? Would they continue to provide the same level and quality of work? Of course not. All this talk of "players should prepare themselves" is pure fiction. It smacks against all human history. It's akin to saying water is made out of fire. Head coaches make a difference, and had they not, why do we bother to keep the win-loss records of head coaches? Because it matters, and if a team is coming in not prepared to play, it is major FAIL by the head coach, period. I don't know what fantasy land you guys live in.
There are around 2,000 NFL players out of the 300,000,000 people in the United States. That is well within the 10% that dont need to be managed even if you add all the other pro sports in this country. Part of the point of being a professional is that you have the intrinsic motivation to prepare yourself. When you are an adult you shouldnt need someone there telling you to do things. Add into that the millions of dollars these guys get paid, plus the bonus' for performance. that should be enough

A head coach in pro sports is there to make team decisions, prepare game plans so the players can PREPARE TO PLAY. If each guy shows up and does his job they will win. Tomlin shouldnt have to sit there and baby these guys to make sure they do what they are getting paid to do.