With the Steeler PLAYERS saying things like, "We weren't prepared to play" and the trend of losing so many games to the very worst teams, so often (let's not forget 2009 as well) the writing could be on the wall for firing Tomlin.

So, who would replace him?

1. Todd Haley. He didn't have such a good run as head coach in KC, but let's not forget that the amazing Bill Belichick didn't have such a successful first gig in Cleveland either. Now look at BB - inarguably the best head coach in the NFL, and one of the best EVER in the history, if not THE best ever. So, Haley could still be good head coach material. And, I don't mind that he gets ticked off sometimes. As a matter of fact, I LIKE it.

2. Eric Mangini. A Belichick prodigy and see above. No one was going to be successful coaching the Browns - the entire organization was a joke. Now, with their new owner and giving Holmgren the boot, they might be improving. But EM had no chance to make them a good team in that environment. EM is going to get another shot at some point. And I really like him on "First Take" - he is very intelligent and wise. He could be a big improvement over the mess we have now, where obviously, the players are not focused and not giving their best effort.

3. Chip Kelly. Yes, some college coaches do not make a successful transaction into the NFL, but then again, some do. Jimmy Johnson went from college to pro and did a fantastic job as head coach in Dallas. Pete Carrol currently has Seattle on the right track. Chip shows all the signs of being a good NFL coach. He would runs circle around Tomlin, as most coaches actually do.

4. John Gruden. Chucky has been out for a while and he is chomping at the bit to get back into action. He already has one Super Bowl ring to show his metal. This team needs a fresh start and Chucky would provide it. It is obvious he knows his football when you listen to him on Monday Night Football and in his sit downs with the rookies, especially with the QBs. I can just see images of Chucky roaming the sidelines at Heinz Field with that scowl on his face. No way does the team come out and lay an egg with that kind of head coach out there. In other words, losses to SD, Oak., Cleveland and TN just ain't happening with that guy in Pgh.

There are some very quality upgrades out there, just there for the taking. I can't stomach this team coming into games, according to the players, "Not prepared to play the game." The s--t ends NOW.