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I remember going to a game during the Green years and sitting in the 2nd row on the 45 right behind the Steelers bench. Green stood directly in front of us most of the game and he might have been the inspiration for Kim K's butt implant. I've never seen a butt so large on a guy. His legs were the size of a normal sized man.

There was another Steeler back then. Can't remember who it was, but I think he wore #60. That dude was round. He stood next to Green a lot and he made Casey Hampton look svelte.
I remember a ham and egger named Brian Blankenship who wore that number. He wasn't huge though.

I do recall (to your story), Green standing next to Terry O'Shea (another ham and egger)... they were both TEs. And Green's legs/butt next to O'Shea... it was comical to say the least.

As for this thread--DAMN. How awesome would it have been!