You may have heard of this quarterback by the name of*Joe Montana. His storied tenure as the signal caller for the San Francisco 49ers is one of the greatest stories about a quarterback in NFL history.

His time in a Niners uniform was cut short when*Steve Young*came to town and the team opted to ship him to Kansas City. It was a trade that Montana orchestrated; but Kansas City wasn’t at the top of his list for trade destinations. That honor would go to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But on The*Dan Patrick*Show recently, Montana raised a few eyebrows when he explained why Pittsburgh said no.

Montana, asked about Pittsburgh said:*“Oh yeah. I tried to go there before, when I was looking at Kansas City, and they said no. I think O’Donnell was stil there.”
Patrick:*“Wait, Steelers said no because they had Neil O’Donnell?”
Montana: “Yeah, Neil O’Donnell.”

Really, Pittsburgh? Passing up one of the all-time greats for Neil O’Donnell? Sounds pretty crazy to me.