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That might be but, when you hear the phrase "Kennywoods open" you as a Pittsburgher feels, summer is here and the winter and cold is gone and it's fun time. I went to college in the state of California and those people take everything for granted. Nice weather all the time or at least to the point, their weather does not decide their lives or maps out their lives like it does with our four seasons.
So I couldn't go to the beach everyday and enjoy it like it was summer but, you can still drive anyplace, walk anyplace in comfortable clothing, not all bulked up, not driving in the snow or ice. You can still spend your time outside and not be a prisoner to the nasty weather as it gets like here. Maybe I'm predjudice a bit because I work construction and the weather has so much to do with my highs and lows of earning a living and trying to remain healthy working in the cold.
"Kennywood is open" puts all our crap weather, bulky clothing, sore throats, icy roads, staying in the house in the rear view mirror.
I thought that flippy meant by "Kennywood's open" was "your fly is unzipped"...