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Nice way to avoid the crux of the matter, and just whistle past the graveyard. The whole story isn't that this team is 7-6 and still in the play off hunt; the whole story is this team, under this coach, has the habit of losing to the worst teams in the NFL, which is inexcusable, for any fans with a brain. Tomlin has shown that he is not capable of getting the team focused and giving a good effort to teams like the Browns, Titans, Raiders and San Diego. That is hardly small potatoes. And, this is not a one-year fluke worthy of ignoring as a fluke. Do I need to remind you of the 2009 season, where Tomlin's team lost 5 straight games to the worst teams, just like NOW, in the entire NFL, including to the Raiders, Chiefs and Browns. This is hardly a one-time fluke; can you grasp that? Can you process this information?

I'd say winning a couple Super Bowls makes that pretty excusable to me. I've never seen an NFL team win the Super Bowl year in and year out, so I'll take a couple bad regular season losses here and there in exchange for seeing my team on top of the pile every few years as well. You can feel free to quit though if you think it's really all that bad that you need to have a mid-life crisis over it.