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Wow....how did we get here in this conversation??

Mendenhall should not be suspended? He was unjustly punished for fumbling so he should stay home?

This is the NFL, and in being a professional football player there are certain realities in place.

#1 - The coach's decision is gospel. If you want to change his mind then do so with your actions on the field.

#2 - Team comes first

#3 - Violation must result in a harsh punishment

By deciding to not attend the game he made a bold statement. He is severing himself from the team and that cannot be accepted. Whether or not we think that he should have dressed is moot at this point. attendance is not optional. You show up, smile, and await the coaching decision the next week. Anything else is unacceptable.
And the fact that this may have escaped RM's perceptions is a loud noise in itself. Either he didn't realize it, or didn't care - both are very bad signs.