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You tell me. I am not up on all the Scientology/Mormon/Jehova Witness, etc. options that are out there.

The Steelers are notorious for not coming clean with injuries so obviously I can't point to reports, as they constantly lie and distort what the truth is. But I can tell you this: Troy was no where near himself in the 2010 season Super Bowl, and what was wrong? He was limping on the same leg that keeps coming up bum now - same limp, same leg. It was a big reason we lost that SB as GB picked on him all night. What was wrong with him? Who knows; it's another Steeler State secret. I don't what specific injury he had then; they admitted he was injured but I don't see where they specify what the injury was/is, but common sense tells me: same leg, same limp, same injury. He keeps "re-injuring" the same leg ever since 2010.

By the way, I don't need to make things up; your assertion is hollow, per usual. The people more in need of "making stuff up to fit their stories" tend to be the cult believers.
OK. Now you really sound like you are wearing a tin foil hairpiece. I don't think the screen name "Oliver Stone" has been taken