to be honest, I never understood why some have it out for Ike. I've always thought he is one of the best cover guys in the league and if it wasn't for his hands of stone he'd be a perennial pro-bowler every year. game in and game out he mans up against the other teams best guy. yeah, sometimes he gets beat - pretty spectacularly too, but is there a more lonely position on the field than a CB in one on one coverage? Most times other teams don't even go his way and you don't hear his name often throughout the game. How many times yesterday did we hear 'brown on the coverage'? maybe the mark of an elite CB is the fact the other teams avoid him as much as possible?

He's been durable, seems to be a good team guy, hasn't grumbled about money

and is clearly noticeable when he's gone.

can we give some props to #24???