In the first round, I just don't see a d-line, o-line, or CB being picked.

You have Ike, Cortez Allen and Keenan Lewis.

If Ike is let go (unlikely) and Lewis is resigned (likely) then Cortez Allen and Keenan Lewis are the starters

If Ike stays and Lewis stays then they will be the starters again.

If Ike stays and Lewis goes then Ike and Allen are the starters.

If we were to go with a DB in the first round, I'd prefer it be a safety. We need depth and a future starter at safety. He'll be a backup S this year if Clark and Polamalu can stay healthy but realistically 1 of those 2 will be hurt during the season at some time. If Clark/Polamalu do stay healthy, a 1st round safety will see significant playing time in subpackages and obviously special teams... that's almost as good as starting.