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For those of us that don't see thew sky falling and are simply trying to lay out the scenarios by which the Steelers can get into the playoffs its what we do. I'm with legend on this one, the Steelers can lose to the Cowboys, beat the Bengals and Browns and make the playoffs (I know these are not guarantees, but it is a way into the playoffs.). All legend is saying is that the loss to the Chargers still left the Steelers controlling their own destiny and should they lose in Dallas they would still be able claim a spot in the playoffs.

Getting to the playoffs is the goal and the Steelers are still in position to do so and they control whether they make it or not. I would certainly prefer a win this week, but it doesn't end the season if they don't win. Actually, I would like for the Steelers to win, the Ravens, Bengals and Jets to lose this weekend and that would really put them in a good place. If it doesn't happen, its not the end of the season.

I'm with Legend, the possibilities are many, including controlling their own destiny.

Pappy--not sure that because some of us admit that we are not playing good football that equates to a "sky is falling attitude." We have lost two out of the last three weeks to inferior teams. I think questioning whether we can even make the play offs is just being realistic. We are not a very good football team right now, the last second win in Baltimore notwithstanding. If not for a really dumb roughing the passer call that put us into field goal range, that could have very easily been a loss too. But that was a last minute, come from behind win not exactly a show of our capabilities or a validation of our ability to be successful moving forward.

I think knowledgeable, or clueless, fans being skeptical of our ability to do anything in the play offs is justified and not panic.