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So you think by discussing a possible outcome we somehow send out a cosmic vibration that will cause one or another event to actually occur? Really?

Nothing in this thread said anything about wanting to lose. The innocent question is will you be satisfied with a one and done like last year or is there a "silver lining" to not making the play offs. Of course we all want to make the play offs but we may not. Talking about it doen't mean there is a greater chance it happens.
I'm sure everyone secretly thinks if we don't win the SuperBowl, it might have been nice to have lost every game and got the #1 pick in the draft. But that season would be nearly unbearable. 1 loss gets into our collective psyche in a bad way. We're always better off winning every game we can. It gets into the culture. And winning becomes the standard and the only thing that's acceptable.

There's more to it than 1 and done. No matter what the result of a playoff game, everyone goes in expecting to win. Even if you think it's a long shot, you have to secretly think about beating anyone on any day. It's like playing out the scenario, what would I do if I won the lottery. Everyone knows they'll never win, but that moment you let yourself think about winning is better than winning could ever be.

It's all about hope and anticipation. That's where the real excitement lies. And no one would ever give that up. I dont even think a Browns fan would either.