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Thread: We're 7-6, quite whining

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    We're 7-6, quit whining

    We are currently 7-6. 11 teams in the NFL have a better record then us. 4 have the same record. We are tied with Cincy for the final wild card spot and play them again this season. Ryan Clark had it right the other day...Steelers fans, and even some of the team are straight up spoiled. Yeah, we got our tails kicked in every aspect of the game today. Not the end of the world considering we are tied for a playoff spot.

    Not trying to sound like a know it all or something, but I think we all just need to get over this bad loss, and hope that next week, with another full week of Ben practicing, and review of what went wrong today, we roll down to Dallas and take care of business. I think we all need to hop off the roller coaster of 'we suck - we are a team to be feared' and just see what happens come next Sunday.

    Put it this way...we aren't the best team, we aren't the worst team, we are still morphing and there are 3 games left.
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