I didn't say the D was the reason the Steelers lost this game. It was a team effort. In fact, I even pointed out that these crap games happen.

I always get worried when I hear announcers say things (or see graphics) like, "San Diego's record all-time at Pittsburgh during the regular season is 0-14." The law of averages will eventually catch up with us, regardless of our record, the opponents record, etc. And I worry about this for ALL my teams...the Pens, WVU, and even the Pirates.

But to my admittedly untrained eye, the D appears to have to play differently with Troy in there because he is allowed to ad lib. That means 10 must do the job of 11 when he is going off script. When Troy is in exactly the right place at the right time, that's great, but he is not far too often. I prefer 11 guys playing their position as we saw during Troy's absence. It wasn't sexy because there were so few turnovers, but it was highly effective.