Lebeau calls a different game with Troy in there.

I have never been one to over-react. And I am not among those who want to see DL shown the door. He is as good as they come.

But this D plays better when Troy is out and DL calls a more conservative game.

Today was an aberration. Even the '70's Steelers had games like this, where seemingly everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

But the way DL calls a game without Troy in there, I doubt this D gives up a 17-play drive to start the second half.

Oddly enough, I don't blame Troy. He does what he does, including seemingly being the only one who can cause turnovers, but the game the defense plays when he is in there is different than the one they play when he is out, and the fact that they are not as effective without him falls on Lebeau's, and ultimately, Tomlin's shoulders.