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I know what you mean but I don't want a 9-7 team limping into the playoffs. The Steelers need to figure this out quickly or it will be one and done if they get into the postseason. It's safe to say they are not peaking at the right time.
They just need to get healthy. There were some serious mistakes today. Brown should have kicked the ball out of pounds to keep 5 points off the board. Wallace dropped a huge ball and the defense played like crap. After last week no one expected this game but with Ben coming back from injury the defense needed to play better. Even in garbage time you have to be encouraged with how the offense closed out the game. Hopefully DeCastro is ready to go and we pull Mendenhall out of the dog house. We're going to need Mendenhall going forward because for as much as I like Redman and Dwyer neither have "elite" intangibles. However I do agree, I have no desire to limp in to the playoffs and pull a one and done.