-Mr Haley, your gameplan sucked today.You made no adjustments against an aggressive defense.
Tight man coverage and not a single bunch formation did i see.
-Mr. Tomlin, you have proven once again that you make at least one bone headed call per game.
Do you have a fancy word that describes that?
-Mr. Wallace, you need to see what the other elite receivers have done today.
Your TD in garbage time was great, but of course it had to be an absolutely perfect pass.
-Offensive line, you were truly offensive, I will not waste an ounce of effort typing any more about you
-Defense, sorry you had to stay on the field so long.
Mr. Haley owes you all a day at the spa.
-Mr. Rainey, when the ball is 5 yards deep in the endzone please take a knee.
The chances of one of these undisciplined mooks not getting called for a penalty is unlikely.
-Antonio, don't even bother fielding a punt.
I can't remember the last time we were actually able to run after the catch due to the lack of blocking on ST.
-Steeler Nation, it is over.Once again this team has played down to it's competition.
This team?
Not a chance.
Not enough heart and not enough brains.