Double the yards of his nearest team mate. 3 times the yards of the #1 WR. 2 TD's.

Wallace is a weapon, and won't be replaced by a guy on this roster. If/when the Steelers lose him, they'll need to replace him. Sanders, however, does a good Antonio Brown impersonation.

Hate Wallace all you like, but at least try & be more balanced in the arguments. Anyone would think Wallace is little more than a part-player.

In 4 seasons he's accumulated 3,934 yards. He's coming off back-to-back 1000+ yards seasons. He's never had less than 6 TD's in a season. He's on track for another 1000+ season, even with an offence that doesn't suit his style, and has admittedly underperformed.

Brown on the other hand has 1 1000+ yard season under his belt, and doesn't look likely to eclipse that number this season, despite now being the #1 WR. He has never had more that 2 recieving TD's in a season. And he's had his number of drops this year too.

But you all go on blaming Mike Wallace for the Steelers woes. By signing Brown to "Wallace's money" earlier this season, the Steelers didn't only 'make a statement', they built a rod for their own back, and put all their eggs in one basket. The FO must have known that, unless they would pony up more money for Wallace, that this would be a 'sign of disrespect' for a guy that has clearly outperformed Brown, which the FO must have known would make re-signing Wallace increasingly more difficult. Well done in keeping Brown, who is a very good possession reciever, in the fold. He looks a quality player. But they overspent for him, when Sander can do essentially the same job. Nobody on the roster can compare skill-sets with Wallace. And they've effectively run him out the door.

Nobody will convince Chadman that Wallace isn't the best WR on this roster. Can he be replaced? Yes, sure. The Steelers will need to replace him though, whereas with Brown- they had his replacement already on the roster. That doesn't sound like sound Salary Cap management to Chadman.