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Thread: Hoyer booted

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    Hoyer booted

    The Steelers promoted cornerback Josh Victorian to the active roster and released quarterback Brian Hoyer today.
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    Cool. I like Victorian.

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    I like Hoyer but Victorian makes the most sense considering Ike is out. Victorian showed a lot of talent in preseason. Let's hope he shows us something this week.

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see Hoyer and Johnson back come February when the Steelers will be able to sign future contracts. They are going to need to get younger at back-up QB next season and I wouldn't be surprised to see the team also spend a 4th or 5th round pick on a young QB to develop. It is fairly obvious that even though Batch got the win last week that going into next season with Leftwich and Batch would be criminal. There has to be a better option out there and I would believe the team likes Hoyer but needs his roster spot because of the Ike Taylor injury. Johnson also showed well last preseason and is currently out of the league.
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