according to posters here Woodley, - Yes, totally isn't worth the $ spent.

Harrison, - No one is saying that now, but when he wasn't playing and then when he came back as a shell of himself, yes
he wasn't earning his $ them, but he is now, starting like 2 games ago.

Troy, - Ummm, how can you even attempt to argue he was worth his $ before last week. He should earn it now, unless he gets hurt, AGAIN

Ike, - I didn't see anyone post that, other than after the one game where he got scorched and flagged all day

Hampton, - He's started to play better, but he wasn't doing jack to start the season.

Ziggy, - Some claim he is soft and worthless, but I don't. He has come on.

Foote, - Some think he's soft, I think he has been a good player for us this season

Mendy, - He VERY MUCH isn't worth his $. Or why did Tomlin not even dress him? Are you suggesting a player who is told not to even dress is worth his $?

Wallace, - 46th-best receiver. He is just producing wonderfully.

Colon, - Once again, missing games from being hurt. Back this week.

Leftwich, -

and Batch - After the Cleveland game, what did you expect people to assert?