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I think it's the most important position for the pass rush. If you have a dominant NT that can drive the C/G deep in the pocket, there's no room for the QB to step up to avoid pressure. This helps the edge guys get to the QB deeper in the pocket and harder for the tackles to run them out of the play.

Plus the more dominant the NT, the more help the C needs which frees up the ends and OLBs.

It's not a coincidence the Steelers pressure decreased in line with Casey's play.
it feels good to have someone with the same opinion as Chadman. Individual stats will never support this theory, but NT is the fulcrum to the success of a 3-4 defence. As Flippy pointed out, the decline in pressure on the opposition QB has been almost hand-in-hand with Casey's decline. Getting a guy in there that can attract 2 blockers, or better, 3 like Casey in his heyday, opens the field for the other pass rushers. Just think, if the NT commands 2 blockers, and 1 of your DE's commands 2 blockers- how many blockers are left for the 2nd DE and the LB's? Can teams successfully single-block Woodley or Harrison? And if the counterbalance to a dominant NT/ DE combo is to add extra blockers- then there are less offensive weapons on the field for our DB's to defend against.

Jesse Williams sounding better?