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When I look at this team, we still have the same 2 needs this year that we have had for the last several years.

1. Pressuring the QB
2. Scoring/RedZone Production

I want my first round pick to address one of those 2 needs or just be BPA when we pick. To pressure the QB, you either need better coverage or a better pass rush. I'd consider the best DB or NT.

To help scoring, we should be looking at another TE to compliment Heath. I've wanted us to think about this since we drafted Heath. Now that Haley's using Heath, maybe someone inside the organization will start to consider going this route.
NT in our system doesn't help with pressuring the QB. I would get an outside pass rusher and hope it doesn't take two years for him to get onto the field.

I would also consider the best TE if he is on the board; Ertz (sp?) from Stanford would be a great compliment to Heath.

Anyone else think we still may need another OT? How long can "The Savior" Starks go?

Extremely deep draft at the Saftey position. We could probably go Round 2 and 3 or 2 and 4 and get two very good players.