Yea, it's probably too early to think too much about the 2013 draft, but, I like doing it.

I am going to assume we won't be picking until 25 or later, just for the purposes of having some kind of starting point (I hope we won't be picking until 32

My first rounder could be a long shot. But if Eric Reid, S, LSU is there, wow.


They are saying he is every bit as good as Patrick Peterson. I find that hard to believe, but if he is even in the neighborhood, wow, would this guy give us our safety for the next decade. Both Clark and Troy are in their 30s - nearly MID 30s, so it's not too early to address the position. What I like about this guy is his size combined with leadership skills, and natural instincts. If there is one thing I hate is when Pgh over values physical skills on dudes who have no instincts. I don't care how big and fast you are; if you don't know when to be where, and the quickest way to get there (the right angles) then it's all worthless. (See Scott freakin Shields, remember him? He was as useless as tits on a bull.) Reid would be knockin the crap out of offenses and provide stellar leadership. But could easily not be there when we draft, so......

C.J. Mosely, OLB, AL - Could be our future bad @ss at OLB. But does he have injury issues? I know he was hurt in 2011 but I am not sure of that's a trend of just a one-time thing. I am thinking we most likely will go LB, CB or S with our first rounder. I really think our OL is finally going to be deep. We have used 2 first rounders at DE lately. With LB, we could use either OLB or ILB help, so go with best available. Or...

Xavier Rhodes, CB, FSU - Had a knee injury in the spring, but this kid can play. But he could be a bit of a reach in the first round. Some project him in the 2nd, however the combine will alter this one way or another.