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Thread: Mike Wallace blames lack of production on concentration lapses

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    Mike Wallace blames lack of production on concentration lapses

    Steelers’ Wallace blames lack of production on concentration lapses

    By Ralph N. Paulk
    Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Steelers receiver Mike Wallace drops a pass against the Giants last month at MetLife Stadium

    How Steelers receiver Mike Wallace has fared the past four weeks:

    • vs. Kansas City: 3 catches, 14 yards

    • vs. Baltimore: 4 catches, 26 yards

    • at Cleveland: 1 catch, 9 yards

    • at Baltimore: 5 catches, 44 yards

    At times, Mike Wallace appears the perfect fit for the Steelers’ passing game. Then there are moments when the fleet-footed receiver seems adrift mentally, resulting in uncharacteristic drops and lapses in concentration.

    “I’ve never been a guy who dropped balls or just lose focus,” Wallace said somewhat apologetically. “The first three years I was always involved, so you just warmed up in games, and you were just into it.

    “But when you don’t get the ball for two-and-half quarters, you lose focus. But that’s the type of offense this is. We’re spreading it around, so you’re not going to get as many targets. When you get them, you have to make the best of them.”

    Wallace, one of the NFL’s preeminent deep threats, arrived at training camp last season boasting he could eclipse 2,000 receiving yards. But he struggled in Todd Haley’s offense. Over the past four games, he hasn’t totaled a football-field worth of yards: 13 catches for 93 yards.

    “When I don’t get the ball for a certain amount of time, I lose focus sometimes,” he said. “It hurts me when it’s time for me to make a play.”

    Wallace has endured some difficult stretches. His speed has been negated by double teams and Haley’s willingness to spread the wealth.

    “The toughest thing is staying positive through three quarters because you’re not going to get the ball every time,” Wallace said as the team prepares to face San Diego on Sunday at Heinz Field. “You have to be ready to deliver when it comes your way. That’s been the biggest thing I’ve had to learn this year.”

    On a team with a trio of standout receivers — Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders — tight end Heath Miller leads the way in receptions (56) and touchdowns (7).

    Wallace’s team-high 616 receiving yards are only three more than Miller’s. The numbers are reflective of Wallace’s frustration and far short of his production the previous two seasons, when he had about 1,200 yards receiving.

    “We spread the ball around more than we did in the past,” said Wallace, who missed all of training camp because of a contract dispute. “So it’s not one or two people with yards. Nobody’s numbers just jump out.

    “If there’s been a play that I haven’t made this year, it’s been in the second or third quarter when I haven’t been getting too many passes ... and I’m losing focus. I get a little frustrated, and that’s the main thing.”

    The Steelers will need a focused Wallace as they pursue an AFC playoff berth. It’s a four-game stretch run in which Wallace insists he’s ready to deliver.

    “It’ll make me forget about all the stuff that happened in the first (11) games,” Wallace said. “There have been a lot of plays made this year, but a lot of plays have been missed at the same time. I’m used to making big plays, but I’m not getting as many opportunities to make those plays.

    “Sometimes I have to remind them not to forget about me.”


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    Of everything I've read, heard, or seen from Wallace...that is the most damning.

    There is no way he is with the team again next, either by their choice or his. Not with comments and an attitude like that.

    Poor me...they forget about me, and then I forget I'm supposed to pay attention! That's pathetic. I would have much rather he said he had concentration lapses due to future contract uncertainty instead of that he feels left out of the offense and we should feel sorry for him about his mistakes.

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    How do you lack concentration in your contract year???
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    "lack of concentration"? Yeah, he's elite alright

    I said in the off season that Brown and Wallace wpuld be playing for their contracts this season. Fortunately for the Steelers Wallace was stupid and rejected their offer and Brown got the money. I think we are seeing the real Mike Wallace and what he will be once he gets his big payday.
    I still think he has value, but not at anywhere near the money he hopes for. He is proving he is a $6-8M receiver and nothing more who is really good at just one thing.

    Not much to defend about Wallace now is there!

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    Given our luck, he'll be signed by the Pats and will eclipse 2,000 yards with Brady throwing to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jooser View Post
    Given our luck, he'll be signed by the Pats and will eclipse 2,000 yards with Brady throwing to him.
    Maybe if he doesn't lose concentration. I've said all along, Wallace doesn't want to stay in Pittsburgh. He doesn't like the internal competition and comparison with Antonio Brown. He got ticked off when Brown was the team MVP. There were many reports of him pouting towards the end of last year. He is looking to go where he is the man and the only man.

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    Sounds to me like he's setting the stage for a contract with another team. He explains his lack of effort as essentially boredom in Haley's system. When really, I think he's just protecting himself from any possible injury so he can get his big contract. He's not going to attempt to sacrifice his body in any way playing for a "measley" $2M.

    He's telling his new team that if they make him the #1 guy and pay him through the nose, then his effort and 2,000 yards/year goal is back on track.

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    He will be going to the Jets.

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    “When I don’t get the ball for a certain amount of time, I lose focus sometimes,” he said. “It hurts me when it’s time for me to make a play.” --Mike Wallace

    Uhh, what a dummy. How do you put something like this out there? There's always teams willing to pay people for their talent, but we all know the Steelers aren't one of those teams. If somebody said something like this in a normal business, they surely wouldn't be getting any kind of raise and would probably be let go.

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    You can forget every word he said in that interview.

    What he really said was "When I didn't get the contract I wanted/earned (you decide based on your perspective) & the Steelers gave Antonio Brown the big money contract, my agent & decided to play out the last year of my contract without causing too much trouble, but certainly not looking to put myself on the line for a team that doesn't value me the way I value myself".

    Wallace is probably not as good as he thinks he is, but is likely better than a lot of us say he is. He'll be hard to replace.
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