I really like where this team stands and where it is headed. Are there issues with this squad? Of course there is but there are issues with every team in the NFL. Ben's health is our first and foremost concern but from all signs leading from practice he will be on the field come Sunday, which is a Godsend. This team has a tendency to be inconsistent with their running game but over the next couple of weeks they can hopefully find their niche since they have opponents that will be easier to run on. The OL has been inconsistent because of injuries but I think we are starting to see a team that could find it's staring 5 come playoff time with Starks, Colon, Pouncey, DeCastro, and Foster. They have had trouble producing turnovers and sacks but the Chargers and Cowboys should help the team find this ability since they are turnover prone. I think this team could find it's stride come December and could be the team that no one wants to see in January, kind of like the Giants, Packers, and 05 Steelers. Their schedule sets up as such with three of the last four at home and the most important game (The Bengals) being at Heinz.

The Chargers - this team has fallen apart and will have a hard time getting up for an early start in the Burgh considering its 10 AM their time.

The Cowboys - The Cowboys are always terrible in December and if I recall correctly Romo either leads the league or is second in the league in interceptions. The Steelers should go down there and take care of business without much resistance.

The Bengals - This is the game that will make or break the Steelers hopes of advancing far into the playoffs. The Bengals are playing very well but at the same time Andy Dalton is pretty terrible every time he sees the Steelers. There is no way BJGE will run on the Steelers the way he has their last few opponents and yes their D is much improved but playing at Heinz will not be an easy task for this young group.

The Browns - Well we already know the bad taste that the Steelers will have in their mouth the next time they see the Brown and Orange. I have the feeling that the Steelers are going to put a real hurting on the Growns without the opponent putting up much of a fight. I could see a 40 Burger.

Overall I think this team finishes 11-5 and looking at the Ravens schedule we may actually have a shot in the division. The trip to Washington will be no redeo as Flacco is terrible on the road and the Ravens D will struggle mightily with RG3 and Alfred Morris. That game will come down to who makes the mistake in the 4th quarter. The Ravens also have home games against the Manning Boys and I woudl expect them to lose at least one of them. They them close the season in Cincy and the Bengals could be playing for a playoff spot and did I mention that Flacco is terrible on the Road. If the Ravens lose 3 out 4 games them all the sudden the records look like this.

Steelers 11-5
Ravens 10-6
Bengals 9-7
Browns 5-11

I don't know if this would score the Steelers a bye but it sure would be nice to see a playoff game in the Burgh with all the towels a waving.

Seeding would look like this:

1) Houston
2) New England
3) Denver
4) Pittsburgh
5) Baltimore
6) Cinncy