The Ravens MUST have found a miracle healing drug (steriods) as Ray Lewis torn bi or tricepts? returns to practise, with a return date possibly set for Dec 16th.
A. Smith was out for the year with the same injury.

T.Suggs has I believe the same injury and is a game time decision for sunday.

T. Suggs blew up his ACL which even the fittest, fastest running backs and Wideouts don't recover for at least 10 months and he is back on the field in 6 months.

C'mon, the jig is up. Am I wrong or is something not right here???

Steriods boost a players abilities in some matters but it also makes the body heal much faster. Ask alot of aging pitchers why they use.
I guess I am upset, that most of our guys get these injuries and its the can't tell me they are working harder!!!