I always thought 99% of gun owners have fantasized about being like Charles Bronson in Death Wish.

When someone buys a gun, they have to go through the mental exercise of thinking through situations in which they would kill someone and determine for them when they feel it would be right and justified.

Thoughts can be just as dangerous as actions.

I was watching some 2020 or Dateline show where some guy had guns to protect his family. And his neighbors were having a loud party after midnight. He went over armed and asked them to be quiet. Then one of the drunk guys at the party said something to him and the guy shot him. Said he felt threatened. That's an entire situation where nothing would have happened if the guy didn't have a gun. Was he a douche? Were the neighbors douches? Sure. But no one needed to be shot. There was no reason to bring a gun.

Sure the guy who shot the other guy was at fault. But he probably wouldn't have done anything if he didn't have access to a gun. I appreciate freedom. But you just have to be careful because complete freedom isn't really freedom. Owning a gun opens up people to thinking through killing. Is that a good thing? Maybe they should require gun owners go to church at least so they get reminded thou shall not kill. So when they fantasize, they will remember it's wrong.

In the end, the right to bear arms is a big responsibility. And I'm not sure given the way people act in every day life, that many people are responsible enough to deserve that right.