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Thread: How good has Ben been this season?

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    How good has Ben been this season?

    Ben's has generally been considered to be having one of his best seasons and before the injury was talked about as a potential MVP candidate.

    Here is his basic stat line, and it's a pretty darn good one:

    209/316, 66.1%, 2287 yards, 7.2 ypa, 17 TD, 4 INT, 100.0 QB Rating

    now look at RGIII:

    218/325, 67.1%, 2660 yards, 8.2 ypa, 17 TD, 4 INT, 104.4 QB Rating

    RGIII has had 3 more games than Ben to put up the numbers, but the amount of attempts are essentially the same. Ben has been very good, RGIII has been incredible considering he is a rookie known more so for being athletic than a passer.

    I don't really have a point with this post, just that I am thoroughly impressed with what Ben does for the Steelers, and amazed by what RGIII has been able to do.

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    But RGIII is also putting up backup RB rushing numbers as well. Pretty solid player. Ben has been very amazing this year. Put his 3rd down numbers up there with anyone, very efficient.

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    I agree, Skins struck gold.


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