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I guess I'm just not seeing the importance of any of these "episodes." Some players are more passionate about different aspects of their game than others. I guess all of this psychoanalysis seems like fishing for drama to me.
Childish and negative behavior do not make champions. You really need good chemistry to win it all. Have you ever seen a team with attitude issues win a ring? I haven't. You must have team unity. I think they do, except for the few bad apples mentioned. If Sanders really was angry over his mistake or injury, fine. But I still say throwing tantrums on the sidelines isn't good for the team; he acted like a baby, ranting and raving. And the fact that Tomlin decided to not even DRESS Mendenhall tells me what I need to know there. And if it isn't apparent to you that Wallace has a bad attitude, well, I don't know how to help you. Even his body language makes it clear as a bell that he has a bad attitude. And it's hurting the team in more than 1 way. Sanders, Brown and Wallace call themselves, "Young $." Only Brown really deserves that moniker at this point.