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I didn't remember it was his rookie season, but I do remember that, and I think I also remember he had an almost monster game the week after that and we all said, "He learned his lesson".

I don't much care how he looks on the sideline, it's not drama class. Troy or Batch rarely look hyped up on the sideline either. If he can produce, great, if not, well there's ways for dealing with that as well.

Crazy thing is, I can't quite decide how I feel about RM's skills. It seemed like he always got the short end of the "Our O-line comes from the Swiss cheese factory" situation we have had for, well, forever. Then I thought he was running with much more of a purpose this year after his injury. Sometimes he runs so well. If anything I'm leaning towards the opinion that he's got speed, but not such great RB "vision".

I wonder if he'll play this week? And if he does, will he have two hands on the ball at all times? Or if 1-hand for a few moments, will it be at least the "4-point" grasp of the football?
it was his second year.... I also thought the OL was to blame but Redman and Dwyer showed us that it wasn't the OL... RM just wasn't taking what was in front of him. Maybe he is looking for big gains instead of running disciplined but something is missing.

The fumbles are another treat... he had a history of fumbling, then it went away and now it's returned. Maybe they are giving us slicker footballs... not sure how you can fumble that easily right after fumbling unless you think too highly of your handling skills.

Holmes fumbles on a few punts in back to back games as well.. not saying they have the same mental make up but RM does show a little of a "I'm smarter than you guys" on twitter and maybe he isn't letting the coaches words sink in like they should.

I'm over RM but I would like to see him succeed while in our uni... the injury before a contract year has to be heavy on the brain.