Now remember, I said, "bordering." I am not saying the sky is falling and I think we have enough leadership to keep the bad attitude from ruining the season. That being said, we are beginning to accumulate some attitude issues, and they are exacerbated by the loss of leadership players such as Hines Ward and Farrior, Hoke, Aaron Smith, etc.

Case in point: Sanders had some drops/fumbles and what's he do about it? Sits on bench and acts like a freaking baby. He acted as if he was wronged some how, when he was the one who F'd up. He acted like a spoiled baby for most of the game. NOT the kind of mental attitude you want to see after some really bad errors.

Wallace: His effort has been crappy all season. Most assume it's mostly from him having a crap tude after not getting the MASSIVE new contract he wanted, and I am sure, his tude bleeds into the locker room, making some other players - possibly - feed off the negative vibes. Even when he supposedly was going to knock off the poor tude and put in more effort, he is still mostly flopping around out there. He reminds me of a big Gumby. Nothing he does is solid. Even when he does make a catch, it always borders on "just barely." Frustrating. Any how, his attitude can't be helping the team mindset. He is supposedly our leading WR but I ain't feeling it. Add in the moping Sanders and we have a potential problem.

Mendenhall: He has been demoted to not even dressing. I don't like his presence any where around the team. I honestly think he should be uninvited from the sidelines and locker room at this point. Yea, keep him on the team in case we have injuries, but, I don't like his vibe at all.

Dwyer: According to the announcers of the game, he had a talking to and now understands the proper attitude to have. It did seem like he stopped trying to get out of the game after 2 carries like he was prior to this. But previous to this, his lazy tude was not helping the collective team mindset. It couldn't have been a positive factor. But, hopefully he "gets it" at this point.

Hopefully, players like Ben, Keisel, Harrison, Foote, Troy, and the coaching staff, can keep the whining, loser attitude at bay. I sure hope so. But in the off season, I really hope they "cull the herd" and get rid of some of these guys showing non-Steeler like tudes. Sanders little tirade was ridiculous and Wallace has been a malcontent all season long. We can't afford that kind of tude, as it never wins any championships. I am not saying it's to the point of spoiling the team as of now, but it needs addressed and usually it has to come from the players, not the coaches. You MUST have enough leaders on the team, as if it's just from the coaches, players tune it out. I would love for Harrison to tell Sanders and Wallace, "Look, you gotta come correct. We are busting our @sses out here and we ain't gonna let you whine and bring the team down. It ain't happening. Understood?" If I was ever considering being lazy or a malcontent, and Harrison had a little talk with me, I would come correct immediately.