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That is the point. The Lions offense still wasn't that good with one of the fastest speed backs as a feature back. You cannot have a consistant offense when your RB gets 1 or 2 yards a carry then rips off a 50 yarder, ends with 100 yards. You need a chain mover that can rip off the occasional 20 yard gallop like Dwyer vs. the Ravens running for 16 on a TD run.
The Lions offense wasn't that good?

Check out 1995...

Barry ran for 1500 yards (plus nearly 400 more yards receiving) and 12 total TD's.
Herman Moore had 123 catches for 1686 yards and 14 TD's.
Brett Perriman had 108 catches for 1488 yards and 9 TD's.
Johnnie Morton had 44 catches for 590 yards and 8 TD's.

...and this was all in an offense led by SCOTT MITCHELL at QB.

Sure, they were by no means a dominant team (only 1 playoff win during the Barry Sanders era), but the offense was good enough to lead them to playoff births in 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, and then again in 1999 (the first season after Barry's abrupt retirement).