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Hang on a second...

Before we all call Mendenhall a 'bust', let's remember that in year 1 he busted his shoulder. Year 2 he gained 930 yards on the ground at 4.1 YPC with 9 TD's in the mix. Year 3 was nearly 1,300 yards on the ground with 13 TD's & in Year 4, 1,100 yards on the ground with 7 TD's. Not only that, in that 3 year stretch he missed the sum total of 4 games, while carrying a massive share of the workload. Year 4 he simply hasn't gotten started all year through injury.

And that doesn't include his recieving yards.

All that in an Arians Offence.

He's NOT a bust. He's a very servicable RB.

But the anti-Mendenhall club should certainly continue this slanted attack on him.

Mendenhall's biggest crime as a Steeler, as far as Chadman can see, was that he didn't agree with celebrating the death of Bin Laden. His 'football crimes' are nit-picky.
I'll throw a wrench in the whole debate and say I don't think FWP or RM are/were very good feature backs. Both of their YPC is deceiving. A feature back can't get stuffed for 1 or 2 YPC on 10 runs in a row, then ramble for 40 on the 11th and be considered the feature back. That was both of their modes of operation and our offense sucked. I'll take Dwyer getting 3-4 yards a carry and rattling of a 15 or 20 harder here and there over that.