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I remember a few years ago on here there was an article that someone posted that had NFL backs grouped into tiers of 5 (IIRC) and RM was put in the third or fourth tier. People here were up in arms about that, but then when you look at the list of backs that you would rather have, he was certainly not a top ten back.

The other thing is that the defense of Mendenhall is never about his production, it has always been about him being forced to play behind a bad line and just wait and see what would happen if he ever had a decent line in front of him. Then, suddenly, Redman put up some numbers in limited snaps. This year, both Dwyer and Redman have put together good games. All the while, all we keep hearing is that RM is the best RB on the team. Being the best does not matter when there is never production to back that up.
I remember reading Kirby Wilson singing Mendenhalls praises a month and a half ago about how awesome he is, etc......I'm glad Kirby Wilson isn't our OC and hopefully Haley is here for quite a while and not just a year.