I always thought Willie Parker received less credit than he deserved -- and when Mendenhall was drafted I remember people posting that the position would be "greatly" improved. Granted (on paper) Mendenhall certainly looks like he has/had all the tools -- Big guy, with some speed, and good hands.....but his production certainly hasn't been worth a 1st round pick -- and after reviewing the numbers I wonder if those same folks who thought Mendenhall would be a great improvement --- shouldn't either consider Mendenhall a bust or Parker much better than previously credited.

Willie Parker's last 5 seasons:

5,192 Rushing
697 Receiving
29 Total TD's

*Best rushing season - 1,494 yards

Rashard Mendenhall's last 5 seasons

3,480 Rushing Yards (he would need 1,712 yards to "equal" Parker)
660 Receiving yards
30 Total TD's

*Best rushing season - 1,273 yards.

Mendenhall is still a fairly young guy (26 next season) --- however how many people think they "haven't" seen enough, and that he still has plenty of potential?

I was never happy that people critisized Parker for being a "less-than" Running Back....he certainly wasn't going to be a Hall of Famer like Jerome, but compare him to our recent first rounder -- he looks pretty solid to me!