.....Remember when it seemed like we couldn't find good DBs to save our lives? It seemed like every year, anyone we put out there other than Ike, Troy or Clark, all stunk big time, whether at safety or CB.

And low and behold?

Not only has Lewis emerged as a legit, solid as hell CB, but even when we lost Ike, Allen stepped in and was as tight as a drum.

Did we just get lucky or what? We find a way to have the #1 passing D while missing Troy all season long. And, although he looks a little chubby now, if he stays in one piece, he will be back to amazing within 2 more games. Even if we lose Ike for a while, we STILL might be in solid shape. In year's past, we could afford to lose ANY starters, as whoever we put on the field just stunk beyond belief. What has changed? Simple luck? Schemes? Experience?

Oh, and, also, it looks like we finally found depth at LB in Worilds. We haven't really missed Woodely as much as we probably thought we would. And Harrison is definitely rounding into form. And that is HUGE.

By the way, is everyone still griping about Hood? It looks like he is playing pretty well to me. But please, give McClendon more playing time, for Betsy's sake. Hampton is actually playing pretty well, but he needs more rest and McClendon needs more playing time.