ME: Where have all the Steeler haters gone? Why so quiet?
Kim: You Steeler fans have no class. Poor winners, poor losers.
M: But I am confused. You brag when your team wins and ridicule when the Steelers lose. Odd.
K: I will put up the Ravens record vs. Pitt any day.
M: Steeler fans only really care about rings. Everything else is secondary, less meaningful.
K: Yea, well one win does not a ring make.
M: NO, but we are THE experts of noticing when we are approaching a possible SB.
K: Steeler fan's egos are so outrageous.
M: Since your last and only SB, Pgh has been to 3 more and won 2, making a total of 6.
K: I will easily compare our team to Pitt.
M: Which team? The one that left in the middle of the night or the one that came to you from CLE in the middle of the night?
K: Well, at least Ben will look at home in the prison uniform of yours.
M: Why, was Ben ever charged with a crime? Found guilty? Spent time in jail? Oh wait, Ray Lewis pleaded GUILTY to a crime, spent months in jail, etc.
K: Our fun chat now ends because you are defending a rapist.
M: But wait, don't you want to defend a murderer first? You know, a guy who actually was charged with a crime related to MURDER and actually did spend time in jail? You know, that one?

She runs away.