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Thread: Ed Reed disrespects Charlie Batch

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    Ed Reed disrespects Charlie Batch

    Mark Kaboly | Tribune-Review

    BALTIMORE – Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch put together one of the finest games of his career as the soon-to-been 38-year-old quarterback threw for 276 yards and a touchdown in a 23-20 win over the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

    So, of course, the hot topic in the Ravens’ locker room was how the third-stringer was able to perform so well against one of the top teams in the NFL.
    The Ravens were complimentary of Batch, for the most part that is.
    Perennial All-Pro and future Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed, well, he said nice things about Batch, but also took a couple shots at him as well.

    When asked if he was surprised by Batch’s performance, Reed said: “It is not surprising at all … well, maybe a little bit.”
    But that wasn’t anything compared to a couple minutes before that when teammate Bernard Pollard was asked the same question about Batch.
    “Were you surprised that Charlie Batch was able to make those kind of throws against you guys,” a reporter asked.
    Pollard responded with: “No, he is a professional quarterback. He is on the roster for a reason …”
    Just as Pollard said that, Reed, whose locker is next to Pollard’s and was getting dressed at the time, did the old pretend-like-you-are-coughing-but-saying-a-derogatrory-word-under-your-breath gimmick.
    “Bull(expletive),” Reed said trying to mask the comment with a cough.
    Give Pollard credit because he kept on with his praise of Batch without even blinking an eye.
    “He can make throws, but I look at like we let some things get away,” Pollard said.
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