I don't care even if we are spoiled, jaded Steeler fans. That hug at the last of the game between those two says it all. If this is all we got out of Charlie for hanging around 3 years too long, it was worth it. That image said it all: The win meant everything to Charlie, as he went out as awesome as possible, other than winning the Super Bowl. He went out and found a way to beat the hated Ravens when the season hung in he balance, and now we got Troy back (although, as I predicted, he was looking chubby but will work his gut off), Harrison is truly almost back into full form (sack with forced fumble), DeCastro is back, and will be playing soon, Dwyer actually is playing hard for a full game.

I hate to tell the rest of the league, but if this team makes it to the post season, they could be as dangerous as any AFC team out there.

Oh, and since it's mandatory to bitch about something, Sanders, you almost single-handily cost us the game. Grow up. Man up. Don't take lessons from Wall-@SS.

Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!