Man o man Am I sorry for what I said about you. I acted as though the entire Steeler coaching staff were blind idiots for having you on the roster. Today you threw the ball with the Zip that I said your old behind didnt have. You took shots I thought you couldnt take. I Said you were brittle (along with many other things implying the same thing) I Was wrong.. I felt bad when I saw you crying on the sideline because I know it was because of Me and others like me who rode you hard after your game against the browns..

oh and Wallace.. umm - yea.. Better game, You showed some toughness (coming back injured) and you caught the ball (for the most part) You showed way more effort today (though i find it funny you do it when Brown comes back.. maybe you just aren't good when too much weight is on your shoulders)

Huge WIn today with both the Bengals and the colts winning - shew.